A Message from the Committee 2020

A Message from the Committee 2020

The South Cave Show

It is with a heavy heart that the Committee has taken the decision to the 136th South Cave Show.  We have taken the decision now for all sorts of reasons.  The Show takes a lot of putting together and receives an incredible amount of support from local firms, the community, the council, the WI  all of whom will be affected in one way and another. 

The Government is keeping the country informed about what is happening but it is an impossible task to predict the future,. How long  will it last and what will the effects be on all of us.  We do not want to go ahead with an event which could compromise so many in our community.

We are aware that this will be a disappointment for our many loyal competitors and for all those new competitors who  were planning to enter this year! 

Do not be dismayed as we will be back … Next Year 2021 

August 30th with the same old favourites and a few new categories.

If you were a Trophy Winner we will be in touch at a later date.

Keep Well and fit and we look forward to seeing you in 2021

Happy Garden, Baking, Crafting, and any of the activities which you can enjoy within the context of your own garden. 





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