A Message from the Committee

South Cave Show 2018

‘The Show’ has a long history of which we are very proud and we want to continue into the future.  Our competitors, coming in with their arms full of entries, make a very welcome sight when we open the doors of the Sports Centre at 8.00 on Show Day. The Produce, baking, handicraft, flowers, photographs flooding in and the tables filling up, people discussing exhibits, old hands showing new ones how it is done is a very heartwarming sight.  It is a very special moment when at 10.15 the doors close and everything is ready for the judging to begin and we look and see the wonderful entries on the tables before us. This is what we strive all year for.  The Committee start planning the next show almost as soon as the last one is over. We look at the things that went well and, of course , the reverse!  We scrutinise the numbers of competitors, entries and visitors, and those who have won the different categories.  We choose the new recipes and the subjects for the children’s entries, photography categories, and we also look at our publicity and Raffle so we are very busy. The work comes in “fits and starts” so we can also find time for our vegetable growing and the craft making like all of you!

Whilst it is good to celebrate our past we need to look to the future as well and this year we have welcomed new members on the committee. James, Lisa and Michelle, have brought some new ideas and sponsors. Please take a look at the new names who have joined our list as well those who have been generous for many years and we are very indebted to all who provide support in its many forms.  Hopefully we will have some new competitors who are willing to participate with an entry or two.  House plants, photographs,( did you get that wonderful picture of your favourite Hull City of Culture Moment?) cut flowers, floating flowers, baking and handicrafts all play a part in the show,  if your crops of potatoes, onions and cabbages have not prospered as you had hoped. 

Life will never be the same again with the advent of technology and we are very lucky to have Jenny who runs our Facebook page.  She has kept it going through the winter months and will be stepping up with more information and ideas as the year progresses. So, if you are a reader to Facebook please give us a look.  The website shows photos and lists of present holders of ‘The Show’s’ titles, trophies and cups.  So if you are a regular contributor to ‘The Show’ we will be delighted to see you again and if you are just thinking about it please join us in this amazing event as an exhibitor.  If you are not sure what to do bring your entry along and there is always someone willing to lend a hand.  If you just want to join us this year to see what happens then come marvel at the exhibits and realise that you too can be part of this annual village occasion!




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