A Message from the Committee2019/2020

South Cave Show A Day in the Life of South Cave Show 26th August 2019 South Cave Sports Hall.

7.30am The doors opened and the first of the 99 entrants arrived and began the long process of unloading his entries.

8.00am A steady stream of entrants came in to register and display their entries making 709 entries in total. The people varied from young to old, some had been before ( many times) others had never entered before, they were from the village and some from far away.

The entries represented the whole gambit of the Show Schedule, The quality of fruit, flowers, produce, handicrafts, photographs and children’s entries were of a very high standard and the Sports Hall looked wonderful. Sadly due to weather conditions no large potatoes appeared and cauliflowers were thin on the ground but each year brings its trials to the gardener.

10.15am The last entry had been taken and the doors were closed. The Judges came in to start the long process of judging each entry in the different classes. Once the decisions for 1st 2nd and 3rd were taken, the certificates written and given out, a spot of lunch and welcome break and a wait see if the crowds appear,

2.00pm The doors opened and the people began to arrive to look at the entries and to admire them. The contestants returned. Some elated, others a little bit disappointed, but hopefully most will return with new entries next year.

3.45 pm The prizes were awarded and the Raffle distributed. Whilst all this was going on in the Sports Hall, in the School Hall the caterers provided Tea, Coffee, biscuits and cakes for all. The first Urn was switched on at 7.45 and switched off at 3.45.

6.15 pm The Halls were empty, tables and chairs returned to the WI and the South Cave Committee and Helpers went home exhausted but very pleased with the day. Ready to start again for 2020.

This year the U3A Art Group, Justin Lowe and Rob Leake displayed their talents in the small hall for all to enjoy. So a big Thank You to them.. We were also a venue for two Lifestyle groups who had used their summers to promote their particular interests. The Hoglets in the small hall were working for the preservation of hedgehogs and had had some very interesting experiences, bathing a hedgehog being one of them. The stall provided us with a wealth of information about how to attracted, encourage and how to look after the hedgehogs in the garden In the main hall the boys were working on litter. They were encouraging us all to pick up 3 pieces of litter a day. They had organised a couple of competitions to take part in. The initiative can be found at #pickuppromise so hopefully we will all be taking note.

As always Thank You to all who have supported us by entering, volunteering and visiting

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