A Message from the Committee

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Message from the Committee 2019

What changes there have been over the years!  The Show has had many forms and there are records to the effect that when it started it was held up at the Castle in a marquee.  The people came from around the area on the train and were allowed to wander in the grounds.  Another location was a barn on Church Street which backed on to King Georges Field.  The members of the British Legion ran the show for many years and did a wonderful job then 10 years ago the Show reinvented itself again when some members of the present committee took over. 
The Cups and Trophies reflect the importance the Show has had in the life of the village and the names reflect old and new competitors.  They also reflect the way the Show’s reputation has grown amongst the Village Show Community as people come from as far away as Scarborough to enter. 
2018 was no exception. The quality of the entries were as high as ever and competition was fierce as well as extremely good natured!  The flowers and plants were magnificent, the fruit and vegetables were of an equally high standard despite the hot weather.  ( You should have seen the winning pumpkin…too heavy to weigh on the bathroom scales!) The produce was good and the cakes look scrumptious.  The children’s categories, as always, produced some wonderful ideas and the photographs showed the growing skills of the entrants.  
Huge thanks go to all our competitors – the reason for the Show’s existence and of course thanks are due to so many helpers and sponsors without whom the show would not exist.  Also a sincere thank you to all those people who come to support the show.  It is a welcome sight to see people appreciating the quality, quantity and size of the exhibits.

If you came please come again, if you didn’t manage it last year put the date in your diary for next August Bank Holiday Monday 26th  2019!


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