Our Sponsors

It is with Very Many Thanks to all our Sponsors that the South Cave Show is able to continue year after year.  Their very generous contributions take very many forms: prizes, vouchers, cash donations which of course go towards the Raffle, the hiring of the hall, the tombola,  a thank you for the Judges and so it goes on.  A show does not run itself and the costs are always there.

We also have to thank the sponsors who lend us tables (The WI), who store the tables and assist with the putting up and taking down of the tables on a yearly basis, ( Andy Gratton) bake the cakes, those people who the committee call upon to help on the day. The school caretaker who does a lot of transferring furniture for us.  These people all make the show the success it is. There are many more who give of their time willingly …so Thank You

Some of our sponsors have been with us for a very long time and give year after year and we do try to acknowledge their support in The Show Schedule.

PickUp Promise
The Hoglets

This year we also had two groups of Lifestylers who provided us with information about Hedgehogs and the others who made us promise to pick up three pieces of litter a day.

Justin Lowe and Rob Leake so that there is an interesting show and also the U3A Art Group put on a very interesting show.

…knowing your onions!
…a few finishing touches!

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