Trophy Winners 2019


  1. J.A.Gregory Rose Trophy               Best Exhibit in the Rose Section              M. Harrison
  2. Westerdale Cup.                             Best Sweet Pea Exhibit.                            G. Marshall
  3. Mrs. J. Carr Memorial Cup          Best Dahlia Exhibit.                                   S. Roberts
  4. T.P.Nolan Gladioli Challenge Cup Best Gladioli Exhibit.                              J.Tipping
  5. K.Davis Fuchsia Shield                 Best Fushia Exhibit.                                  D. Land
  6. Coronation Tankard                     Best House Plant Exhibit                        
  7. 21st Rose Bowl                              Best Exhibit in Flower Section.   S.Roberts            
  8. J.W.A. Hansford Fruit Shield      Best Exhibit in Fruit Section.                    S.Jackson
  9. Ward Cup                                      Best Collection of 5 Vegetables.               M.Daly
  10. T.E.Wing Trophy                          Best Collection of Salad Vegetable.         Mires Beck
  11. T.W.Robertson Trophy               Best Exhibit of of Potatoes.                       M.Harrison
  12. George Long Cup                        Best Exhibit of Tomatoes.                         J.Tipping
  13. Gratton Onion Cup                     Best Exhibit of Onions.                              M. Daly                            
  14. J.B.Robinson Memorial Cup      Best Exhibit in Fruit and Vegetable Section. S. Jackson                                
  15. Gratton Produce Cup                  Best Exhibit in the Produce Section.       E.Brown
  16. Alan Moody Memorial Trophy  Most Points in the Produce Section.      J. Harrison
  17. Remembrance Trophy                 Most Points in Residence Class.              D. Carr /Allotments First Fruits
  18. The Turner Prize                          Most Points in under 5’s Class.                F. Sandars
  19. S. & C. Rennison Shield                Best Exhibit Children up to 7 years.       E.Sandars
  20. M.C.& K.Long Shield                    Best Exhibit Children 8 – 11 years           D. Hoey /J.Sewell
  21. Anne Featherstone Trophy         Best Exhibit   Handicraft.                         F.Marshall
  22. Caroline Cup                                 Best Exhibit Photography                        S.Camb            
  23. Mandy Hoey Memorial Trophy Best Cake Exhibit.                                      A.Godley
  24. Joe Thornham Trophy                 Most Points in Handicrafts                      F.Marshall
  25. Royal British Legion Diamond Jubilee Shield Highest Number of Points in Show.       D.Carr
  26. The Hugh Marshall Trophy       The Chairmans Choice.                                A.Godley

Congratulations to all our Winners. Great Entries!

Yet another great year!

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