If you’re new to the South Cave Show you may be wondering how it works, this page is designed to provide you with all the information you need to enter this hugely popular show!

The show is run voluntarily by members of the community to keep one of South Cave’s oldest standing traditions alive, (Click here to get involved in the show)

Anyone can enter the show, you don’t have to live in South Cave, but in order to enter you must have produced, created or baked the entries yourself unless you’re acting on behalf of someone else in which case their name and details must be used.

Entires are broken down into classes e.g. Flowers, Vegetables, Photography, Handicrafts etc. Within each class you will notice a number, so if you’re planning on entering your prize cherry tomatoes then that would be number 32 in the schedule which is listed as “8 Cherry tomatoes” usually displayed on a plate. On the entry form write number 32 in the first column ‘Class No’ and in the adjacent column how many entries, if you are entering just one then simply put ‘1’ in the box or if you wish to enter two items just put ‘2’.

Fees. Each entry to the show incurs a small charge of 30 pence. Simply add up the total number of entries you wish to make and times that by 30p e.g. 10 entries would equate to £3,00. Please have the exact change ready when you submit your entries to save handling and time on the day.

When you have your entries assembled take them to the South Cave Sports Centre, behind the school on Church Street. HU15 2EP. You can park for free nearby in the car park. The doors are open at 8.15 a.m until 10.15 a.m, please take your form (not entries) to the small hall on the right as you enter the building and our friendly committee members will process your entries. You’re then free to take your entries into the large hall. Look along the tables for the class numbers you have entered and place your exhibit there. If you’re bringing flowers to arrange or any other exhibit you have until 10.30 a.m to complete this before the judging commences shortly afterwards.

Please note for 2021 if you have more than 4 entries these will need to be submitted prior to the show date, entries can be made up until Midnight on 28th August 2021 or if by post on the Saturday before.

Once you have entered your exhibits, the centre will close and re-open at 2.00 pm precisely. When you return later you will be able to see all the entries and if you have been successful enough to win a 1st 2nd or 3rd prize! Some classes even come with one of our many prestigious trophies which will be yours to take home and display for the following year. All entries recieving a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize win a cash reward! £2.00, £1.00 and 50 pence respectively.

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