2022 Schedule

The South Cave Show Schedule 2022

Have a look through the schedule and find the categories you would like to enter, or may be thinking of entering. Grab a pen and paper and make a note! There is something for everyone. Please see our helpful hints for further guidance on displaying your items and the standards the judges expect to see.


Flowers are judged on the quality of the bloom, not the container (Classes 1 – 24)

11 Vase of Dahlias, 5 blooms, poms, 2″ max
21 Vase of Dahlias, 5 blooms. any variety or varieties
31 Vase of Dahlias, 3 blooms, decoratives
41 Vase of Dahlias, 3 blooms, cactus or semi-cactus
51 Vase of Dahlias, 3 blooms, ball type
61 Vase of Perennials, 3 stems
71 Vase of 3 H.T.Roses – one or more varieties
81 Specimen Rose
91 Vase of Sweet Peas, 6 stems, any varieties
101 Vase of Asters, 5 blooms
111 Vase of Annuals, 5 blooms, except Asters
121 Vase of Gladioli, 2 spikes
131 Specimen Gladioli
141 Specimen bloom of any kind
151 Vase of pansies or Violas, 5 blooms
161 Vase of mixed flowers, 6-10 stems, minimum 3 varieties
171 Specimen Sunflower
181 Pot Cacti or Succulent (not previous entry from South Cave Show can be entered)
191 Foliage plant – maximum pot size 25cm (1o inch)
201 pot Flowering Plant- maximum pot size 25cm (10 inch)
211 pot Fuchsia – maximum pot size 25cm (10 inch)
221 Bloom plus either 1 fruit or veg
23Bowl of fresh floating flowers
24Tea Cup and saucer arrangement
25 Floral arrangement celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee

Helpful Hints for Exhibitors -Flowers:

A vase is defined as a vessel for displaying cut flowers in water and having a height
greater than the diameter of its mouth. A bowl is defined as a similar vessel having a
mouth diameter equal to or greater than its height. Flowers are judged on quality of
blooms, not presentation or container unless otherwise stated. Purchased flowers,
foliage for classes 23, 24 and 25 can be used.


26A jug of 5 mixed herbs, labelled
27Collection of 5 Vegetables, one of each, displayed on the table
28Collection of Salad Vegetables, 3 kinds, one of each
293 Potatoes, white
303 Potatoes, other than white
311 Dish of tomatoes, 5 standard type
328 Cherry tomatoes
333 Onions, dressed, under 1kg
343 Onions, dressed, under 250 grams
351 Cauliflower
361 Cabbage, green
371 Cabbage, red
386 Shallots, exhibition size
396 Shallots, under 30mm
403 Carrots, max. tops 100mm
413 Beetroot, max. tops 100mm
426 Runner Beans
436 French Beans
441 Marrow, quality
453 Courgettes, not to exceed 150mm
461 Heavy Marrow, dressed, for weight only
471 Heavy Pumpkin, for weight only
481 Capsicum Pepper
491 Cucumber
503 Onions, dressed, over 1kg
51Longest Runner Bean
52Basket of Vegetables, not to exceed 50cm x 50cm
531 Small Squash, under 750 grams
542 Leeks

Helpful Hints for Vegetables:

Beans, French and Runner – Should be long, straight, shapely, fresh, tender, of good colour and with no outward sign of seeds in the pods. One or pods may be snapped by the judges to assess conditions. (These criteria do not apply to the longest bean class)

Cabbages – Should have fresh, solid heads with out leaves intact. All foliage should be clean, pest free and with natural bloom intact. Roots are normally trimmed to about 50mm

Carrots, Beetroot, Parsnips and Turnips – Should be smooth-skinned, free from damage and disease, straight and well coloured throughout their length. Beetroots and turnips are normally cut by the judges to assess flesh/colour/disease. Avoid specimens with side or franged roots or broken taproots.

Cauliflowers – Should have solid, white curds, circular in outline, free from pests, gaps, leaf bracts and other damage. Foliage should be trimmed back evenly and neatly to expose the curd. Roots are normally trimmed back to about 50mm.

Courgettes – should be tender with uniform shape and colour, optimum length is

Cucumbers – Should be tender with uniform shape and colour, optimum lenth is 150mm.

Leeks – Should have firm, white, straight, non-bulbous barrels with no evidence of damage or disease. Foliage should be turgid and damage/pest-free.

Marrows – Should be fresh, young and tender with uniform colour. Optimum length is 400mm (200mm for round fruited varieties). Note – these criteria do not apply to the heaviest marrow class.

Onions – Should be dressed (roots/foliage removed and necks tied with natural raffia) with clean, unbroken well-ripened skins free from ribbing or discolouration. Effort must be made ti ensure that the bulbs are matched for size and shape. Onions for the 250g or less class should weigh as close as possible to 250g.

Potatoes -Should be well-shaped, shallow eyed, even-sized with clean, unbroken skins. Wash carefully but do not polish. Optimum weight is 170g per tuber.

Tomatoes – Should be firm, ripe, unblemsihed, well-shaped and rounded. Optimum size is 60mm for exhibition types and 25mm for cherry-fruited varieties. Calyces should be fresh. Display on sand.


551 Dish Brambles, 12 fruits with stalks
561 Dish Raspberries, 12 fruits with stalks
571 Dish Pears, 3 fruits
581 Dish of Dessert Apples, 3 fruits
591 Dish of Cooking Apples, 3 fruits
601 Dish of Plums, 6 fruits
611 Dish of any other fruit or fruits, 1 variety
623 sticks of Rhubarb

Helpful Hints for Fruit:

Apples and Pears – Should be optimum size and shapely with eyes and stalking intacts and clear unblemished skins of the natural colour characteristic of the cultivar.

Blackberries and Raspberries – Should be large, ripe, of good colour, free from blemishes, in good condition with stalk.

Plums – Should be large, firm fruits of good colour, with bloom intact and having stalks.

Rhubarb – Should have fresh, straight, long tender stalks with well-developed red colouring and leaf blades trimmed back to approx 7.5 cm


631 Jar of Jam/Jelly
641 Flask of Soup (label the flavour)
651 Jar of Lemon Curd/Cheese
661 Jar of Marmalade
671 Jar of Chutney
684 Biscuits (Label the flavour)
69Gluten free Cake
70Gingerbread (Men only – click here to see recipe)
71A cake made with a vegetable (label the vegetable used)
723 Home-Made Cupcakes (label the flavour)
73Granny Loaf (click here to see recipe)
74Savour Pie or Pasty (Label the flavour)
75A bottle of Fruit Spirit (use a clear bottle)
76Homemade Lemonade

Helfpul hints for Produce:

All entries will be tasted by the judge unless stated in the schedule. Glass jars, lids and bottles must be clear and plain wit no commercial advertising on it. Always label the prserve with flavour and full date. e.g Raspberry Jam 23rd June 2021. Use either a wax disc and cellophane or twist top lid on jars. (Note: Lemon curd must have a wax disc and cellophane). Preserves containing vinegar must have a vinegar-proof lid.

Residents only (must have a postal address within Ellerker, South Cave or Everthorpe)

In addition to normal prize money, The Remembrance Trophy will be awarded to the resident with the most overall points. These points will not count towards the Diamond Jubilee Shield.

775 Cherry Tomatoes
783 French Beans
79Any other Vegetable (single specimen)
803 Tomatoes (not cherry)
81A saucer of Mixed Fruit (1 of each)
821 Specimen Flower
831 Flower + 1 Vegetable + 1 Berry/Fruit
84A bizarre or mis-shapen Fruit or Vegetable

Children’s Classes

Under 5’s – Classes 85-87

5-7 Years – Classes 88-90

8-11 Years – Classes 91-93

85 and 88A finger painting (Maximum A4 Size)
86, 89 and 92A Model of an Animal made from Fruit or Veg
873 Decorated Buns
90 and 91A Lego model from your own imagination
93A Painting or Drawing – any subject (Maximum A4 Size)


94A Royal Celebration door wreath (any medium)
95A handmade flower (any medium)
96A patchwork/quilted item
97An item of framed Embroidery
98A Knitted item
99A Crocheted item
100A Machine sewn item
101A Painting or Drawing (maximum size 60 x 50 cm)
102A Hard Handicraft e.g. Wood, Metal, Pottery
103An Upcycled item

Helpful Hints for Handicrafts:

No previous winning item in South Cave Show may be entered. All entries must have been made by the exhibitor.



Helpful Hints for Photography:

Maximum size of photo 7 x 5 inch, unframed, unmounted, unlabelled and no border. 1 entry per exhibitor per class. No digital manipulation and photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor, not a professional.

Recipe for Men Only Class. Follow the recipe exactly, no additional ingredients allowed or it could result in disqualification.

Gingerbread – Click here to see recipe

Granny Loaf – Click here to see recipe

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